To all my friends,

i have been being stalked online by a man who has decided he wants to
own me. i will not submit to his demands,even though he has chosen to
threaten both me and my children. i was a foolish woman and thought
this man was an honorable man and that there was a chance at a future
with him. i talked to him every day, shared my thoughts and feelings,
talked on the phone with him and, yes, shared pictures with him. Now,
he has invaded the groups i am in. He has chosen to share these
pictures and has asked who i want them to be sent to next. Because he
has my phone number, he has been able to access my address. i have
two phone numbers for him and they both go back to the business he
states is his and they match the website he claims is his. Since he
has stepped up his level of harassment, i have copied all of the chats
and emails to date, including the pictures he sent to me and am
contacting the FBI. Since this goes over state lines, this is a
federal crime. i am changing all of my email addresses and nicks and
am also going to stay with friends for a while. i will not let this

man get to me nor to my children. If you see any member in your group
who's name is TJSongster, please block him since that is the one who
is harassing and persecuting me. Thank you all for your friendship
and your time.