Save on Snacks and Drinks

Avoid snacks made just for kids. They are usually way more expensive than the
same thing just a few aisles over in the store. Compare Gerber juices and
toddler snacks to similar "adult" items and you'll see what I mean! Also, I've
found that many kids' snacks are devoid of any nutritional value. I would much
rather have my kids eat real fruit than fruit roll ups or that gummy fruit
Making your own snacks also saves money. Popcorn is a great snack, easy to
make and reasonably healthy. Buy it in plastic bags NOT prepackaged for
microwave cooking and it costs pennies for a large bowlful.
Cake mixes are not very them on sale and use a coupon and you
can get them for next to nothing. Make cupcakes instead of a layer cake for
Water, milk and juice are perfectly acceptable drinks but if your kids insist
on sweet stuff Koolaid is much cheaper than soda pop. Buy the kind in little
envelopes that allow you to add your own sugar. Not only are they cheaper but
you can cut the sugar by 1/3 to 1/2. Also on the subject of drinks, use the
thermos bottle that came with your child's lunchbox. Filling it is much more
economical than buying drink boxes.
If you like to put chips, pretzels, etc. in your kids' lunches avoid the ones
packaged in little bags. Buy large bags of chips and cheap, store brand sandwich

bags and package them yourself. You can do them all at once if you don't want to
be bothered in the morning and then just grab a bagful for each lunchbox.

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