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    Mark and Shay Crider

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    I was just watching a TV program that said that the older toaster
    ovens used more power than the newer ovens.
    Pat S in Canada

    That's what I thought, but getting a newer stove/oven isn't in the budget right
    now~a toaster oven, maybe we could swing that!!


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    Default toaster over

    My parents had an oven that broke down. They plan on remodeling the kitchen but
    are waiting. They bought a toaster oven at Linen's and Things. I don't
    remember the name of it but I do remember that the wire tray (I don't know why I
    can't think of the name of it - duh!), that is in every oven or toaster oven was
    straight on the inner back side of it but stuck out more in the front, with an
    arch to it. It was designed that way so it could hold a pie plate or a regular
    plate. I thought that was so ingenious if the toaster oven will be your main
    source for cooking. It was two or three times more expensive but sometimes to
    get exactly what you want you have to pay for it. Also it looked like it's
    sturdier. I think it was about $100. Sometimes Linen's and things has a 20%
    off coupon so if you don't need it right away you could watch for the sales.


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