List Price: $399.99 Deal Price: $229.99 You Save: $170.00 (43%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "We know, we know. You'd rather not think about what's on the floor you walk across every day. Once you start obsessing over the smorgasbord of crud ensnared in your seemingly innocent carpets, of the microscopic filthies prowling your hardwood and tile, you might never feel clean and safe again. We understand. Lucky for you, the Dyson DC24 doesn't scare easy. It loves nothing more than using its 115 airwatts of suction power to imprison your floor scum in its bagless debris bin. It's so easy to maneuver, even into tight spaces, that you'll hardly feel like you're vacuuming at all. And it's backed by a 6 month Dyson warranty. Maybe you can literally sweep this problem under the rug. But metaphorically, no way. You can either live in denial or live with the Dyson DC24 - because crud never sleeps."Expires Jul 20, 2011

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