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My Mom called earlier, so did my brother. And I just spoke with my Dad on the

The surgery that they did this morning was to look at my Dad's heart. The
surgeon's said that my Dad's heart is very healthy, good and strong. )

Mom just called me again.

There is always a but though. Dad has to have triple heart bypass surgery.
They are trying to get him in with a specialist that will do the surgery in the
morning. I will find out later.

One of the arteries going into his heart is so clogged up.. it is the size of a
pin hole and can carry no blood-- the surgeon said it could burst any minute.
Another artery is nearly as bad where the blood cannot be pushed through it

The doctors did say that his heart is so strong that they will not have to put
him on a heart-lung machine for the surgery though. That really pleased
everyone. My Dad's family all lives into their 100's.. and the surgeon said he
could tell.... by the strong heart my Dad has.

I stayed up until nearly 5am praying.

I thank all of you for praying for my Dad, Art, and my family. It means so much
to us all.

I also want to thank those of you that have sent me calling cards. You have
made it possible for me to call home and check on my Dad .. and my Mom. It is
so hard to not be home for this.

My Dad's birthday is tommr. He will be 67. What a way to spend your
birthday.. having open heart surgery.

Please keep my Dad in your prayers and if you would, my Mother, Barbara. Keep
her strong.. this is a lot for her also. She has been so sick as of late.

My brother, Garry, who passes out at the site of blood.. and is scared of
hospitals spent the day up there today with them both. And is taking tommr off
for the next surgery. I know it is taking a lot for him to just get in the
doors of the hospital. My brother and my Dad are best friends. Real best
friends. They vacation together, they do everything together. So this whole

thing with my Dad is tearing my brother apart.

Well, thank you all again. Thank you for remember my family in prayers. It
truly means so very much. And thank you again for the phone cards. I cannot
even express how thankful I am.


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