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Thread: Bike repair

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    Cynthia Pennacchietti

    Default Bike repair

    My dad got a deal today on a bunch (12 ) bikes. All need work and I need to
    find some basic instructions for my dad and I to fix them. Some are 12
    speed and some are coaster.

    I have looked on the internet and haven't found anything I could print for
    him to use. Dad is mechanically inclined

    The brakes and the gears need work

    He sprayed them all with liquid wrench today to loosen them up.

    Anybody have any great links for me to check out. Some of these bikes are
    worth some money if fixed up and all are in reasonable shape once the work

    is done.


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    Default Re: Bike repair


    First check each bike and see who manufactured them. Then check if
    they have a website for information. I've done that many times when
    I get something without instructions.

    Good Luck



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