[Moderator suggestion: Trish, I'm delighted to hear how much you enjoyed it.
Just a thought now, however. You don't need to use the elbow macaroni if you
really don't want to. Cut the Penne into 3 pieces for the toddler, and, of
course, omit the red pepper for the little one. Remove the quantity you need
for the little one, and then add in the red pepper for you and the others in
the family. I think you'll be pleased you did. Not much extra work--perhaps
two minutes more--but worth it! Again, glad you enjoyed it. Michelle]

And, let me tell you--it was a hit with the whole family, even the 2 yr old.
I didn't use any of the red pepper, because of the toddler...but it was
Michelle, thank you for your recipe! If I made it again, I would probably
use elbow macaroni, but just because it would be easier for 2 yr old to eat.

Trish in IL