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    Charmaine Pearce

    Default Christmas shopping

    I am wondering if any one else has started shopping for Christmas yet? My
    husband is a contractor and work slows down around Christmas so money is
    tight. We live in Australia so it is a summer Christmas with a seafood and
    salad lunch.
    I buy a few things I need for Christmas each shopping trip. I have two
    large storage boxes in the bottom of my wardrobe. I put things in there to
    store for Christmas. Just the non perishable type things. At Christmas, I
    get the boxes out and only need to buy perishables. There is always things
    on sale during the year that will keep for Christmas - lollies, cooking
    ingredients, bottles of wine, nuts, soft drinks, chips, crackers, spirits -
    heaps of things. I also always buy Christmas bonbons and cards at the after
    Christmas sales and put them in for the next year. I have a list and cross
    off things I have bought so I can see what I still need to get. By Christmas
    I have two boxes of stuff ready for the Christmas, New Year season. A few
    dollars each week saves me hundreds of dollars at Christmas, and the hassles
    of Christmas shopping.

    I also have a present box. I buy presents for people during the year and
    put in my box. I found I would wander around the shops at Birthdays and
    Christmas thinking - what will I get 'x'? If I see something now and think,
    'x' would like that or I hear 'x' say they like that, I buy it or put it on
    layby. It goes in the box when I get home. I cross peoples names off as I
    get presents. If I see good stocking fillers, they go in too.

    People laugh at my boxes but since I have been doing them I am organised at
    Christmas. People get things they want or like, I get things cheaper
    (especially if it is on sale when I buy it), I dont have to worry about the
    high expense of Christmas because it is spread over the year. I can enjoy
    Christmas without worrying about where money is coming from.

    Brisbane, Australia.

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    Andrea Otken-Dennis

    Default Re: Christmas shopping

    I have done most of my Christmas shopping for my kids. Actually I think
    I had most of it done in January.. The best time to get "cheap" toys
    (inexpensive) is when all of the holiday toys go on clearance in
    January. I was able to buy the kinds of toys that my kids like for
    mostly 75% off.. some deals weren't quite as good (40-50% off) but still
    great compared to normal yearly sales.. I still frequent the clearance
    sections of stores (but I HATE shopping) for deals.. but none are
    usually as good as those right after Christmas.

    As far as what to buy everyone else.. hahaha.. I have NO idea.. I am
    going to try making a good bit of stuff for everyone else.. I'm not sure
    what to do for a few people.. but I've got a little bit of time to worry
    about it.. so hopefully I'll have some divine inspiration between now
    and then..


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