I borrowed the Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook and it was awesome. But
one gift idea mentioned sounds nuts to me. When a guy became an adult his
parents giftwrapped the wooden spoon they use to spank him with and gave it
to him for Christmas. He loved it and had it framed and displayed in his
office- at work, not a home office! I can't even imagine that. I'd be real
upset if my parents giftwrapped the thin wood paddle they use to spank my
bare butt with and I SURE wouldn't frame it and hang it on the wall at
work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd be sooooooooooooo embarrassed!!!!!!!!!! I'm trying
to get promoted and look and act professional and that sure wouldn't cut
it! Weird! But the guy loved the gift and it didn't cost anything so my
point is you should use your imagination cheap gifts can be perfect. Tamara

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