Not A Stupid Question ( I asked the same when I started )

I use wax paper or freezer paper lined on cookie sheet - foil
sometimes will stick to food.....
place in freezer to firm up then pull out to bag/label for more perm
freezer stay (flash freeze will help handle the food easier)
I do OAnightC (same as Once a Month or OAweekC ) except CAN NOT
MULTI TASK (do it all in one day) My brain just does not function
that way
When I make a meal - just double up - freeze 1/2 for a supper the
next time( there is only 2 of us and sometimes I can get 4 meals out
of a double recipe )
Since doing this - No more science projects from fridge thrown into
the garbage After spring cleaning fridge/pantry one time - seeing
all the food wasted from freezer burn or stale I swore off bulk
buying because if you end up throwing it out - you do not save!! I
saved for a year for a foodsavor (a dollar here & there) found a
great one at Target - model #1200 for $139. worth every penny!! No
more throw always except scraps from our plates ....
So in reality It has paid for it self over & over
At first did not know if I would actually save So on paper tallied
up things thrown - and only 1 item in 2 months and it was celery
thought I cut up to be frozen and forgot
My freezer is full ( runs more efficient then 1/2 empty freezer) We
can go many nights w/o cooking and have a healthier meals in minutes

It does require some planning (freezer charts - so you don't forget
what you have in there, etc ) There are many useful web sites (( One
is here at Budgets home " FILL THE FREEZER ")) on how to get started
and useful tips / recipes just do a search on "OAMC"
Hope this helps somebody

adieu, adios, arrivederci, auf wiedersehen, au revoir, bye-bye,
cheerio, goodbye,
good day, sayonara, so long - Hzl B