[Moderator Response: Kami, I don't know whether you're familiar yet with my
Ethnic Inexpensively column on the Budget101.com site
<http://www.budget101.com>. I don't think it was that long ago that I offered
Lemon Chicken in a column. Lemon Chicken uses the same coating--flour and
corn starch. Have a look at my column. You'll find I have quite a unique
background, as some of the more long time members can tell you. In fact, I
once owned an eggroll company--and they were my eggrolls. I'll develop a
recipe for you that should fit the bill in the meantime, but do start with the
Lemon Chicken. Michelle]

I was wondering if any of you know how to make the crispy coating on chicken
for chinese food. I don't know what it is called because I order it from a
restaurant here in town called 3 Happiness and it's called 3 Happiness
chicken. Basically it is chunks of crispy coated fried boneless skinless
chicken in an orange flavored brown sauce with vegetables and the sauce has

some spiciness to it. Not too hot though. I CRAVE this stuff and my
husband is sick of me paying for it so much, so I thought I would try to
make it at home. Any ideas? Feel free to e-mail me privately. TIA!
Kami in Iowa