Ham radios are good, but in some areas you need a liscense to operate them, so
be sure you get all the info. My parents had one (albet it was a homebase ham
and was much more powerful than most setups you see now.) when I was a kid and
we talked to people all over the world if the weather conditions were right.
Dad talked to a guy in Germany and then mom spoke with someone off the coast of
Japan. We're in Oregon.... LOL! It was kind of fun. We had a huge map up on
the wall and we would put a pin in each place we spoke to someone from.

The radio went the way of the dodo when a plane took out our antenna (we lived
by the airport and they would line up on our house to land. They all knew it
was there, but he decided to come in low and try to leave tire marks on our
roof. Instead he hit the antenna tower and ended up in the field across the
street. Pilot and plane flew again the next day, the tower was a lost cause).
But, most of the rigs of my family and almost every single guy I dated had a CB
in it so it was still fun.

Emily Y.

"He brings home the bacon, I cook it!"
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There is another option that I haven't read yet on the digests I get -

that is amateur (ham) radio. Most "hams" are equipped with batteries,
etc, to operate in an emergency situation. There are ways to relay
messages across the country. Several events/drills are held each year
to practice handling emergency communications. At the upcoming NE WA
Fair in Colville, our ham radio group will be sending radiograms from
different people to their relatives in other states.
Have a great day.

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