<A HREF="http://www.stretcher.com/stories/03/03aug04a.cfm">Controlling Frizzy
Hair</A> This is for the lady wanting the anti-friz recipe. I
have frizzy hair, and so I keep a look out for things to help remedy it. My
best remedy has been a good haircut, along with making sure I use good
conditioner (so far Pantene has been as good to my hair as Nexus products).
Also, I
was reading my sister's teen magazine (LOL) and it had secret hair remedies of
the stars....some used castor oil on the ends of their hair, some rinsed with
apple cider vinegar (this article above mentions both of these products as
well). There were other ideas if you want to check out the article in the
magazine--It was Twister magazine.

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