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    Default what is your Best Money Saving Tip???

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    -This may not be my best tip but is my most recent...With 5 adults in
    the house we were going through 2 rolls of toilet paper every 3
    days. I figured out it was because the paper came off the roll too
    easy and no one (except me) took the time to roll back on the
    excess. So, I squashed the roll before putting it in the holder to
    make it oval instead of round, now the paper spin so easy and I am
    using about 1/2 as much paper as before. Kim in MI

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    Default Re: what is your Best Money Saving Tip???

    Make as many things from scratch using basic ingredients as much as
    possible. I make meals and mixes from scratch as well as household
    cleaning supplies and anything else that I hear about (but remember
    that homemade does not necessarily mean less expensive - you have to
    do the math and see when it pays to buy things premade). I
    use "staple" items to make things (fancy ingredients are expensive!)
    and try and stick to recipes that only use a few ingredients (saved
    time = saved money). I also buy what I can used (clothes especially),
    and I put out the word when I need something and people sometimes
    give me things free. I also don't turn down free things
    (food/clothes/etc.), in case the offer doesn't come again.



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