Our last water bill was kind of high for just the two of us.
But we do have a lawn sprinkler system. Bu, they do add a lot of
other stuff to it to:
Sanitation 11.25
Poly car rental 2.00
Storm water 4.00
Sewer 27.23
Water 57.23
State Water fees .71
County sales tax .60
City sales taxc .60
State sales tax .11
Total $104.03

This is a bit higher than usual, as the sprinkler system was used a
bit more than usual.

Phone bill
Our phone bill runs about $75.00 a month. We don't have many long
distance calls on it either. Do use our cell phone some for those.
But, we don't make many in the first place. Our land line long
distance is usually never more than about $3.00 a month.

But, we do have two lines. One is for the computer. My husband has
a volunteer job as our church treasurer and often has to be on line
and on the computer at the same time contacting our district office
and the technical dept. of the treasurer soft ware program. I have

kind of approached him about giving up the computer line and using
the land line for his technical support. But, our cell phone is an
old one, and sometimes does not work well. Also want to say that a
tornado went thru our town earlier hitting the area our kids live
in. We were trying to use our cell phone that night and it would not
work at all. Guess their system was jammed. Guess we need a new
cell phone and then maybe we could get rid of the computer line.