our landline basic charges are appr. $55 each month. We never use it for
long distance! We use the cell phones for that. (2 cell phones on our
family plan are almost as cheap at the one landline) but we still keep the
landline because that is our connection to the internet. my dh is doctor
reccommended changing careers---so many college classes are being taken
online---otherwise we would drop the landline. we do have the t-mobile
digital phones and they don't do us any good when we enter WY--our fav
vacation area w/ our friends. But, for around home--where we are living in
a rural area the mobile to mobile, and nationwide long distance are
lifesavers. Our other quest is finding cheap internet. We don't want to do

the satelite for more channels but sometimes it seems it might be a possible
more affordable option for internet? Any opinions?
Myrrie----by the way, I would love to chat with the debt consultant.