Hi everyone,

This will be brief. You're doing a fantastic job of snipping your
messages; but I think there's a little confusion for those who haven't
snipped and find returns in their mail. When you post, Yahoogroups
often (I don't know...I haven't checked to see whether this is a
constant or sporadic thing on their part) puts those trailers on the
bottom of the message. Many messages also have those ads at the

If you snip your message, and you see a trailer at the end when it's
posted, I *promise* you, we didn't put it there either, and it really
was snipped! lol The posts we let through--99.9% of the time (we
do, after all, make mistakes; we're human)--have no trailers or excess
when we let them through. And how can you tell that we are staying
on top of it? That's easy! Watch to see if you find two trailers in
any messages where you see those trailers. If you find one...that was
indeed our mistake.

Great job at snipping your posts, everyone, and I really hope this
note makes sense. Your efforts at helping with snipped posts are
making a difference in the size of the archives, which are still in

the midst of being weeded down.

Thanks again, everyone!

Michelle (Broome County, New York)
Budget101_ moderator and Ethnic Inexpensively columnist