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Genre: Games
Release Date: July 07, 2011
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Get a taste of the incredible ‘Tower Defense: Lost Earth’, for free, with ‘Tower Defense Lite’!

‘Tower Defense: Lost Earth’ takes classic defense games to a whole new world. A one-of-a-kind action strategy and puzzle adventure, ‘Lost Earth’ follows the last survivors of the human race.

The group establishes a colony on a new hostile world and repels the mindless enemy alien army: it’s the best Tower Defense game on the market!

‘Tower Defense Lite’ includes the first 4 levels of ‘Tower Defense: Lost Earth’.

**Paid Version Features**
+ 40 Campaign Missions
+ Exciting Challenge Mode with global leader boards
+ 10 Enemies to fight against
+ 9 Towers to strategize with
+ 4 Special weapons to command
+ Multiple hours of gameplay across 5 different terrain themes
+ Game Center Enabled

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