A friend does this all the time. I do once in a while. To clean your
bathtub, fill the tub with water and put some cascade in and let it
set for about thirty minutes. Then drain and wipe out.

Burned food in stainless pan or in a glass baking dish. Put in the
sink and fill with water. Add some cascade and a little bit of
regular dishwashing liquid. Then, let this set for a few minutes.
Will usually swish right out, but occasionaly will take two or three
times, if your pan is really bad to begin with. I bought a really
nice stainless steel two quart saucepan at a garage sale for a
quarter. The inerior was just caked with burned on food. I think it
took about three times, but every bit of the burned stuff came off.
I must have purchased than pan about fifteen years ago, and it is

still in great shape. Not bad for a quarter and some elbow grease.