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    > * You can make end tables from 5 gallon buckets and a board, put a blanket
    > or table cloth over them and NO one will know.

    Hey, that was how I made my "dinning table" in college. I use a big Rubber
    Main garbage can (new, of course), replace the lid with a big, round piece of
    wood as a table top, and draped a long table cloth over my creation. I had two
    metal fold out chairs I found on big trash day, and spray painted (with two
    cans of Walmart's 88 cent paint) them to match the cloth. The cloth was also
    trash picked. I had planned to store old text books in there. Since I was a
    med student, I had to keep them instead of selling them back. The next big
    trash day (they did this once a month) I found a neglected, but sturdy metal
    shelf. I have just enough pain to sort of make it looked like it matched. My
    ingenously built dining table/storage unit was still put to good use. I used it
    to stored off season clothes, and my bath towels. It was a true blessing to
    have been able to "gather" up piece of this and that, and come up with a dining
    table, hidden storage area, and well used study desk for less then 10 bucks.

    All this time, I thought I was a genius for that up. Well, they do say great
    minds run alike!

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    Emily Yelton

    Default Re: : Re: Can you really save money by buying in bulk?

    Missed this one the first time.

    Huh? Storage is where storage is. I store things, under the bed, in the
    closet, in the bathroom, in the linen closet, in the pantry, under the couch,
    under the entertainment center, under the end table by the couch... If it's a
    great buy it's better to store something in an unconventional space then to run
    out in an unappropriate time.

    * You can make end tables from 5 gallon buckets and a board, put a blanket or
    table cloth over them and NO one will know.
    * Store extra canned goods under your bed in those rubbermaid under the bed
    containers (the wheeled ones work the best).
    * Look at the storage above your clothes in the closet, you can store stuff
    there too. Above the kids clothes in their room closets and under their beds
    too. Hey, if there are containers of food under there, then there is less room
    for the dirty socks to hide!
    * Store non-perisables in the garage, temperature fluctuations aren't good for
    canned goods, or other liquids, but they won't hurt things like TP, napkins,
    blankets, pillows, paper plates, other paper goods and the like.
    * You know those empty luggage pieces you use once per year then store the rest
    of the time? Fill them up! That is a great place for storage of bulk items.
    * The bottom of closets under long clothes is another place for bulk storage, we
    like to put our shoes where we can see them under the shorter clothes anyway.
    * Gotta file cabinet and you don't like to bend over to use the bottom drawer
    for files? Fill it with canned goods.
    * Here's a great idea. If you are a bookaphile, like me, and you have a ton of
    paperback books try this one. The paperbacks rarely will go all the way back
    and still be readable on the bookshelf. Line the back of the bookshelf 1 line
    deep with canned goods. Then place all your books in front of the cans! The
    cans will prevent the books from being pushed back and the books will hide your
    can storage.
    * Gotta computer desk? Do you actually use all that space under it for your
    feet?!? Stick a box of stuff under that too.
    * Whats in the trunk of your car? I once used the back of my Ford Explorer to
    store 80 lbs of cat litter until I could clean out a corner of the garage for
    * Behind the couch.
    * Have a spare bedroom? Use 1/2 the closet in there, get one of those closet
    organizers and use up most of the closet. When we use a spare bedroom for
    guests, it isn't like they are moving in and they use the entire closet anyway.
    * Spare room in your chest of drawers in the bedroom. If you have any, you can
    put in stuff right along with your panties and stuff.

    There you have it, Emily's collected list of where to put things. LOL!!! And
    yes, I have things in most of these places.

    Emily Y.

    "He brings home the bacon, I cook it!"
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    <SimpHarWI@w...> wrote:

    > c.. Do I have room for this? There's nothing worse than having to store
    your 24-roll pack of toilet paper in the living room because there's no room
    under the bathroom sink.
    > taken in part from Ivillage
    > Krista

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    Default : Re: Can you really save money by buying in bulk?

    ---We buy in bulk, but we divide it up with my daughter and my
    mother. None of us have enough money to spend to buy the items on
    our own. We also split meat and frozen items and canned goods. Also
    you can freeze a lot of the canned items.



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