Someone posted about her elderly mother receiving an exhorbitant electric
bill, and receiving no satisfaction from the electric company, her
congressmen, etc. It has been my experience that the state Attorney
General (easy to locate online) is the best person to contact for this sort
of thing.

Also, CompuServe's legal forum is now open to all (i.e., you need not
belong to CompuServe). Just go to AOL and get a free instant messanger ID,
and then go to Compuserve's legal forum at
<a href=" rve%2Ecom%2Fvlforums%2Fdefault%2Easp%3FSRV%3DLawye rs&RefUrl=&AuthUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fforums%2Ecompuserv e%2Ecom%2Flogin&snsmode=skipcheck">\
puserve%2Ecom%2Fvlforums%2Fdefault%2Easp%3FSRV%3DL awyers&RefUrl=&AuthUrl=http%3A\
%2F%2Fforums%2Ecompuserve%2Ecom%2Flogin&snsmode=sk ipcheck</a>
, join, and post your inquiry. There are lots of helpful messages already

there for elder abuse, and/or post your own.b

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