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Genre: Utilities
Release Date: June 23, 2010

Appsmart is your complete App Store replacement!

It has most of the features of the App Store plus many more features you wish it had. Including:

* NOW includes push notifications!
> Get alerted when any apps on your want list drop in price.
> Receive app-a-day recommendations.
> NOTE: either of these notifications can be turned off individually if desired by going to Bookmarks -> About (button on top right) -> Preferences.
* Save money by viewing recent price drops on popular apps including paid apps that are temporarily free!
* See the most wanted, liked, and downloaded apps by other Appsmart users.
* Get personalized recommendations on apps based on the apps you want and like.
* Browse apps recommended by leading articles and blogs.
* Tell your friends what apps you like on Facebook.
* See your most recent search terms and click once to search them again.
* Filter apps by free/paid when searching.
* Bookmark apps for quicker access.
* Browse deeper- see up to 300 apps instead of 100.
* Browse all apps regardless of category.
* Faster loading of pages especially on slow (Edge, 3G) connections.
* Sleeker interface.

Get more out of your iphone/ipad/ipod touch. Using Appsmart you will find many more apps you didn't even know existed that you will love. Best of all, Appsmart is completely free and has no advertising!

If you like Appsmart, please take the time to write a review and tell your friends about it. Or email us directly at appsmart [at] with your comments, feature suggestions or questions. Thanks!

*NOTE:* You still need the App Store app to perform certain actions that third-party apps cannot such as purchasing and downloading new apps, updating apps, writing reviews and reporting problems.

Shop Smart. Shop Appsmart.

© Gregory Gardner

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