(the budget part is everything came from Dollar general)
2 cans starkist tuna (1.00 for both together)
1/2 bottle dehydrated onion (its 50 cents for bottle so cost is .25
for recipe)
3 c. cooked rice (the entire bag is 1.00 and i have tons left)
1 can mixed veggies (.34 )
1 can mushrooms(.50)
1 can cream of celery soup(.50)
1 can cream of chicken soup (.50)
1 can bean sprouts (1.00)
1 T soy sauce (had some @ home)
1 pkg dry chinese noodles (1.00)

I cooked rice first, according to package directions.
I put 1 T shed spread (.50 for the lb-already had at home) into a
large skillet and heated the drained tuna and the dehydrated onion
together. I added about 1/2 t. chopped garlic (from jar-which is 1.00
for entire jar)and simmered for about 2 mins.I added the soups and
stirred. I rinsed the cans of mixed veggies, mushrooms and
beansprouts 3 times with cool water to take away the tinny flavor
that sometimes happens with canned veggies.(Also reduces sodium that
may be in the canned veggies) . I added them and mixed throughly and
added cooked rice and soy sauce to casserole. Heated throughly all

together . Then let it cool slightly before serving on a bed of dry
chinese noodles. I think it would serve 6 comfortably and 8 with
smaller servings.
For dessert I had 2 molasses cookies ($1.00) for package of 8 and
coffee left from breakfast(this is only thing not from dollar general-
I buy this from the local mexican supermarket near work for 3.86 per
llb and its just as good, I think , as Starbuck's espresso.)