NO.. I am NOT trying to keep up with her or out do her !
I know she keeps her house up.. probalby better then me
I never worry about what others do all day... LOL !! I just was asking if she
didn't do 'any' of the things she thinks I do .. aka Betty Crocker ..:_) Then
what does she do ? it was a retorical question.. I truely don't care what she
does or doesn't do all day..

But the fact is I know she does do these things.. she has a 2 yr old and a 7 yr
she bakes & cleans and does the washing..
She was the one putting me down.. period.. I didn't ask for it or put her down
ONE time.. that's not me
when I went to her hosue to pick up my child.. she shoved cookies in my face and
said See .. this is as close to betty Crocker as I get !!! Did I ask or care??
NO !! LOL !!
I under no circumstance am trying to out do her or anyone
My motto is : My house is Clean enough to be Healthy and Dirty enough to be

So sorry you misunderstood.. You know it is possible to be put down with out
doing it first


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