[Moderator response: Believe me, Brenda, normally I would agree with this
particular suggestion, but for me--having the control to *say* stupid to *self*
actually empowers me and makes me laugh. If anyone else said it to me or if
someone else **or I** said it to my kids, they would know true anger. I
agree, but the phrase actually came out of a police department (NYC, I think),
and I adopted it for my own use many years ago. That I can say it to myself
and laugh because I know it's not true really makes me feel just fine. As for
anyone else ever calling my kids or me stupid again, believe me...they don't
want to try it! Thanks for the suggestion though. Michelle]

I think life is better when you can think of positive things. Instead of the
word stupid, use Sweetheart, or Sweetie, or "She of ----- (you fill in the
blank)" . You get the idea

I need to use the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid)
method, and the most basic at that because I honestly forget these
most minute things I think are trivial till they're slapping me in
the face.


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