Just a note, many of you have mentioned that your kids are leaving for college
this fall. Here are several ideas for fairly inexpensive care packages

Each Month you could create a New Theme Box:

Month 1: Back to School

Essentials like toiletries, phone card, roll of quarters (for vending &
laundry), instant soup mixes, snacks, drink mixes and maybe some homemade
goodies. Lotions/razors/trial size items, etc.

Month 2-3: Exam time
Instant coffee Mixes (see our beverages pages on www.budget101.com ), ramen
noodles, microwave popcorn, candy, Tylenol, Stress balls to squeeze. Cookie
Mixes if they have a Kitchen in the dorm. Eye pillow with lavender flowers in it
to calm and soothe during these high stress times. A CD of music made by you to
help relax or energize as needed. Ear Plugs (some dorms are so loud you can't

Months 4: Christmas/Yule/Kwanzaa/Hannauka/etc
send some small decorations to brighten her room and some holiday goodies
including beverage & snack mixes, JAW (Just add water) soups from our site.

Inbetween Months:

"Chocolate" theme...cookies, brownies, her favorite
chocolate candy. Items like Brownies & blondies seem to have a longer storage
life than cookies.

Football Theme: Super Bowl package w/ cheese, crackers, beef sticks, Beef Jerky,

Birthday Box: (for those celebrating during the school year)
goodies, balloons, confetti. (One year I sent a friend Fireworks.. but this
didn't go over well with the dean!)

Journal Jars:
You can use a jar or pail as needed, fill with pens/ stationary/stamps/
Envelopes, address labels (make them on your puter), etc. You can include notes
for her to send out "Thank You's" etc. One year I created a jar for a friend
that had birthday dates/ anniversary dates 7 addies all written out so she
wouldn't forget anyone when she got busy. It didn't cost much, but she really
appreciated it.

Cake in A Mug: Check this out on our site! www.budget101.com These are great
mixes that you can make for her to have cake anytime by just adding water and 2
minutes in the Microwave. You can include frosting mixes that just need water
as well.

Off to College Basket: When they first leave:
large Rubbermaid laundry basket. Lining w/ twin sheets for the dorm bed & bath
towels, a daytimer planner, stationary, rolls of quarters for laundry, a phone
book, address book, assorted school supplies, a backpack, plastic tumblers, a
photo album, film, plastic plates and flatware (from Walmart), shower shoes, a
college sticker for the car, and an university sweatshirt.

These and other great ideas at www.budget101.com

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