My hubby went crazy over them. Another list I am on posted a recipe for some..
and I played around with it and made it my own. ) Thought I would share
with you. Oh they are good... Beware.. You will be salivating when you make
the filling up! ha-ha

The bread mixture is made in your bread machine. So no messy fingers for at
least one part of it! )

So, for the bread machine part:

1 cup of very warm milk, I used 2%
1/4 cup of warm tap water
2 teaspoons of real vanilla (I have that strong stuff from Mexico)
1/2 cup of oleo (although.. I did not measure, **so I am sure I used more)
2 eggs room room temp.
(I took two eggs from the frig and soaked in warm water for 5 mins)
1/2 teaspoon salt (again, I am not a measurer)
3/4 cup of sugar
5 cups of bread flour
1 tablespoon of instant yeast

Put this all in your bread machine at the dough mix cycle. This is a BIG load.
You will need to tend to it. Get a long narrow scraper, and come back to it, as
to help it.. scrape the sides down. After the ball forms. Turn off the
machine, remove from the machine, and put into a oiled bowl. Cover with a damp
cloth for an hour. **Note** I did not let the machine run the full cycle.

After the dough has rested and risen stretch it out on an oiled or
butter-brushed HUGE cookie sheet. In my case.. I don't have one. So.. you can
follow my plan of action. ) I had a small one. The teenie tiny one. Which
worked out really cool for me. And will for you too!! So I stretched out a
section of the dough ( Ended up that I split the dough in four sections ) in an
approx an 8 by 14? I think that is about the size of that teenie tiny pan. then
I slathered it with the below mixture.

The yummy filling:

1 cup of soft oleo
1/2 cup of white sugar
2 teaspoons of vanilla
2 cups of brown sugar, hard packed
6 tablespoons of cinnamon (from Mexico.. super strong.. so adjust for flavor)
You may also add finely ground nuts if ya like.

Okay, now that you have your dough stretched out on the greased up pan slather
this mixture on it. And I mean slather. You are going to get messy. Kinda of
like the warning on the water rides.. "You are going to get wet". After you
have slather, roll this up. Rolling from the long side to the other long side..
where as the short sides are the ends. ) Now, either using dental floss.. or
a very.. and I mean VERY SHARP knife gently cut into sections. Preferably twelve
of them. You can do it.

Take a muffin tin. Oh, did I tell you to turn on your oven yet? You need to do
that. 350* will work please. And it takes about 15 or so to bake. Whew, got
that out of the way. Okay, back to it now. Alright, back on track. Now, in
that muffin tin, take a small dollop.. or about a half teaspoon to a teaspoon of
that filling mixture and put that in the bottom of each muffin tin. Here is
where you can add nuts. If you want to have nutty cinnybunz.. add them now.
Almonds, walnuts, pecans.. I used pecans. YUMMY! Okay, now, carefully... take
each section that you cut and place them into the muffin tins. So that spirals
can be seen. Lay them flat. When you use the muffin tin they will stay in
shape. And when you take them out of the oven... You need to turn them UPSIDE
DOWN. So be prepared to have something to turn them over on. Like a jumbo
cookie sheet now. Like I said.. I dont have one. I used pizza pie pans. They
will be runny.. from all that carmelized filling. So you are forwarned. Also,
you can put another dollop of that filling ontop of them too. Oh.. you want to
do that. They are so good.

Now for the frosting. The other best part!

(my dog Moki liked the frosting.. ha-ha)
1pkg of cream cheese, 8oz I think it is
1/2cup of oleo
1 teaspoon of vanilla
squirt of real lemon (that jug)
powdered sugar.. dont know how much I used, about 2/3 of a two pound bag

But it made a LOT of frosting. And I have oodles left. It is nice and runny..
great for homemade donuts. And we make lots of those here.

I hope you enjoy. We sure did!! I just made them tonight!!!

Amazing Grace
"I was blind but now I see!" John 9:25

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