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    I know some of you are sick of this but this is regarding the locations. I
    live in south Mississippi and they advertise that there is one in
    Louisiana...Slidell or New Orleans. It's only 30 minutes from me so maybe I need
    to check it
    out if it excites you all that much...LOL.


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    Daniel and Alice S Peterson

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    We have a store called Save-A-Lot here in Maine that sounds like Aldis.
    I go there once every one or two months and stock up on the items I know
    cost less-sandwich meat,
    hot dogs, ground turkey(frozen), condiments, baking supplies, bran flakes
    and corn flakes, and a few other things such as trash bags.
    The selection is limited. The quality of fresh fruit and veg is generally
    poor so I don't buy those there.
    But on a variety of staples and some meats, you can't beat the price.
    It's warehouse style, you buy plastic bags if you need them and bag your
    own groceries.
    I notice at the Aldi's site that they aren't in ME, NH and Mass. Perhaps
    Sav-a Lot is the northern New England alternative?

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    In a message dated 7/11/2003 11:16:57 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

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    > >Can you bring your own bags?
    > >
    > >
    > yes.. here you can.

    I don't use bags. My husband bought some crates at a garage sale, for like
    $1.00 each, and I use several of those. It saves on buying bags as I have used
    the same crates for over 3 years!

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