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    Default Halloween Costume, Elmo

    I have been looking everywhere for a pattern for an Elmo Costume, need it in
    a size 1 or 2, if anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it.
    Thanks in advance. Eve

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    Default Re: Halloween Costume, Elmo

    This is a great costume for little ones (from 6 months to 2+). All you need is a
    red sweatsuit (preferably one piece), a red knit cap, 1 large orange pom-pom, a
    set of large plastic doll eyes (the ones with the black pupil that jiggles
    around), a pair of elmo slippers, and fabric glue. Simply attach the eyes and
    the pom-pom with fabric glue to make elmo's face. You can also add a mouth by
    using black felt, but I chose to no to because when I put the hat on my son I
    had to roll it up and it left no room for a mouth. Slip on the sweatsuit, the
    hat, and slippers and you are done!

    My 2-year old wants to be Elmo. I bought a red sweat suit and ping-pong balls
    (Elmo's eyes) from Target, and a red baseball hat, orange felt and one styrafoam
    chicken egg (Elmo's nose) from Michael's Craft store. Cover the egg with the
    orange felt. Draw pupils on the ping-pong balls for Elmo's eyes. Take nose and
    eyes and hot glue them to the red baseball hat. Dress child in sweat suit and
    hat - BE HOLD ELMO! Painting child's face red is optional and depends on if your
    toddler will hold still.


    If you can use a glue gun, you can make this adorable Halloween costume in only
    an hour or so.

    Purchase a red, hooded sweatsuit and a pair of Elmo fuzzy slippers in a size to
    fit your child. You can usually find these items at any discount department
    store. While you're there, stop in at the crafts department for three Styrofoam
    balls, some orange and black acrylic paints, a tube of puffy fabric paint and a
    lot of gold glitter.

    When your active child is taking a much-needed nap, haul out the glue gun and
    get started! First, paint one of the Styrofoam balls with the orange paint. This
    will be Elmo's nose. Then paint black circles on the remaining two Styrofoam
    balls, creating Elmo eyes. Place these balls on the hood of the sweatshirt and
    hot glue them into place.

    Using the tube of puffy fabric paint, write the word "Elmo" on the front of the
    sweatshirt. Fill in the center of the letters with good old Elmer's glue and
    sprinkle with glitter.

    On Halloween night just dress your child in the sweatsuit, pull on the slippers
    and head out for some fun trick-or-treating. Don't forget to take photos!




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