Here's a few that I have collected from sites and ideas over the years. Hope
it helps you out.

Dirty Clothes Basket

Dress up as a clothes basket. Cut a hole large enough to fit through in the
bottom of a clothes basket and tie over shoulders using old pantyhose or
suspenders. Then fill the basket full of old clothes and old detergent boxes.
can also pin or attach clothes to a pair of pantyhose and put the pantyhose over
your head with the clothes hanging from it. It looks really cute, just like a
big dirty clothes pile. All you need to do is keep old detergent containers
and use clothes that no longer fit or are stained!

Cool Glow in the Dark Skeleton Costume

Use a black sweat suit, white fabric, and Wonder Under (iron on fusing with
paper backing on one side), and glow-in-the-dark paint. Simply draw a skeleton
onto the paper side of the iron on fusing, iron this onto the white material,
cut out the bone shapes and iron them onto the sweat suit. Then brush the
glowing the dark paint onto the bones.


A pair of denim overalls with hand stitched patches on the knees, a straw
hat, a bandana around the neck, and some straw hanging out of pant legs and
sleeves (tied with string around the bottom of pants and sleeves to keep it
from falling out). Draw rosy red circles on cheeks and a triangle on nose with
face paint and a cute smile (like a stitch).

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