Hi everyone,

When we had the fracas a few weeks ago on snipping the posts, I
received several excellent suggestions and have begun to use
them in varying degrees. Budget101_ has continued to grow--we
are now pushing 1100 members--and the issue of snipping your
posts continues to be a problem.

I've been letting several posts through today, and I've been sitting
here, feeling guilty because I need to use one suggestion and have
the entire Budget101_ moderation staff start to use it...constantly.

Someone suggested that we reject posts that haven't been
snipped. While many posters have been really good about keeping
the messages being quoted clipped and all the rest of the trailers
deleted, there are still some who have been in a rush or have just
simply forgotten.

Even though we need to make the changes still to the welcome
letter, and neither Liss nor I have even had the time to discuss doing
that--because the archives are already building again and I need to
return to deleting the posts that don't have a purpose on Budget101_
(the "thank you/ditto" kinds of things)--effective immediately, all posts
that come in unsnipped (again, please please *please* write to us
privately if you don't know how to do this, although you can look in
the archives and find the directions posted very beautifully and
kindly by one of our members) will be rejected. If your post is
rejected, snip the garbage out (those trailers, and parts of the
messages being quoted that you aren't addressing), and then send
it back on through, and you'll find it will go through with no problem.

By doing this, you'll help moderation do our jobs more effectively,
and we won't be coming across like the snip-your-posts-police.

I'm posting this note, for those of you who are wondering, so I don't

have to do the two-line reminder again at the top of the posts since
some people have expressed distaste for that as well. Some days
you just can't win for losing.

Finally, to all of you who wrote me such lovely and gracious notes
in my absence, thank you so much. I'm still trying to return to
replying to each of you, but with this schedule of mine, forgive me
if I'm slow about it.

Budget101_ moderator and Ethnic Inexpensively columnist