I first had this sauce about fifteen years ago at a very expensive bistro.
Ifell in love with it over the years and asked the chef for some to take home
one time.

I finally concocted the mixture myself. It tastes as close to it as I could.
And I just made a fresh batch a few minutes ago. Thought I would share the

In a large non-stick cooking pot you will simmer this.

Melt on low two sticks of butter (or oleo if you prefer)
After this is melted, add to it 3 cups of brown sugar.
After the brown sugar and oleo have married/melted add the follow ingrediants
one at a time.
Making sure to stir each one in thouroughly so that they are well blended.

2 cups of catsup
1Tablspoon of of worcestershire
1/4 cup of A-1
1/4 - 1/3 Teaspoon of liquid hickory smoke. I prefer 1/3t.
A pinch of black pepper.

Serve the sauce warm in dipping cups.

Store in frig.

This makes a big pot. )
Yummy Yummy

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