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Prison Escape

Genre: Games
Release Date: July 20, 2010

2 million downloads to date! Thank you for making Prison Escape top the charts across the world.

The most popular requests have been for more characters and more levels. This update sets the scene for future levels with multiple characters, improved menu and a score. You can follow and have an input in the development of future levels on the Mogworks website.


8 years banged up in prison is just too long for Slim Jim - it's time to get out.
With some makeshift materials, Slim has constructed a catapult on the prison roof and is waiting for the right moment to escape.

With your help, Slim will attempt to catapult himself and his inmates onto a passing truck and escape. Look out for the armed guards and stay out of their range whilst waiting for the truck to approach.

Hint: Adjust the catapult to account for the various character sizes!

Enjoy an interactive 3D environment with realistic physics based animations.


Levels are currently in development following the escapees on the run utilising the drag, tilt and tap features of the iPhone and iPod Touch.


Optimised to run on 1st and 2nd generation devices.


© 2010 Mogworks

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