I simply told my DH that when he does the laundry then he can decide what
soap. Until then to butt the heck out. LOL! He has only commented once and
that was when I used a soap that made him itch... I think it was Irish Spring,
but I could be wrong. Since then I switched back to either Ivory or Fels
Naptha and it works fine. He can't tell when I use mine or when I am out and
use the store bought I keep as a back up.

We, my DH and I, firmly beleive in the 50/50 split. I am in charge of the
house and what goes on in it, and he is in charge of anything outside. The
lawn work, the car, his job, etc, is his responsibility. When he comes in the
doors, he's in MY domain and it's my job to be sure that he has a pleasant
place to eat, sleep and watch TV. So I do the laundry, the dishes and all the
INSIDE work. This covers doing the laundry. LOL, So, whether or not we use
homemade soap or not isn't his decision. (My DH has been known to do a load of
dishes if I am busy elsewhere, and he vacuums and sweeps for me as the pushing
and pulling motion puts my back into spasms.)

Emily Y.

"He brings home the bacon, I cook it!"
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Good Morning,

My DH ask would it get his clothes clean and fresh. I told him I think so and
he :0( at me. I told him if he was not satisfied I would wash his clothes in
store bought soap. NOT Does anyone have any suggestions on how to handle DH?

Thank you for this great & informative group.
Janie in East Texas

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