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    I am more of a lerker than anything because I am embarrassed to post
    much....I liked Donna's idea on rotating clothes .... I also just
    put items in the dryer long enough to get the wrinkles out (about 7
    mins.) and then just hang them on hangers. I am old fashion in that
    I still put dh's jeans on stretchers because I like the nice crease.

    I enjoy everyones wonderful suggestions, recipes, and ideas. Keep up
    the great work!!!


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    Melissa, I live in Chelsea, OK (ne of Tulsa) at the time but dh
    worked for Williams Energy(pipeline) and his part was bought out by
    Enterprise Products of HOUSTON. He had to start work there June 4th
    but the boys and I are waiting until the house here sells before we
    can move. Nothing against Houstians but it is too humid for me and I
    am not looking forward to it plus it is 13 hrs. from MY family.

    Just was at Aldis yesterday and they said there are plans of moving
    south but won't hit TX for about FIVE years. We use to live in
    Weatherford, TX (near Ft. Worth) and would stock up at the Aldi's in
    KS when we were in nw Okla. visiting family. Tulsa has 2 Aldi's and
    I am so surprise they aren't packed because all the ones in KS and MO
    always were when we went. Some people are just too GOOD not to use
    name brands but my family likes some of Aldi's products better.




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