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    The Goltls

    Default re: Fleas

    Have you tried using 7-Dust with pyrethrins for flea control? It is what we
    use. Insecticides of any type (particularly DEET) are toxic to my family,
    causing seizures and horrible rashes. Mky son's neurologist recommended it
    because the pyrethrins come from flowers. You can find it in the gardening
    section. You want the powder. It should also say you can use it on animals on
    the package.

    Lori Goltl

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    Default FLEAS

    I have a friend that takes tobacco leaves and runs over them on the lawn and
    it repels the fleas.
    Adams also has a flea spray that kills the fleas on contact. I have a small
    dog so I sit with her and take a Q tip and dip it in the solution and touch
    the flea as it is trying to flea and it stops it dead in its trail.

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    Default Fleas

    Hi! Just thought I'd share something that worked for us this week.
    (With 5 cats we're battling like crazy after one slipped out and
    brought back a huge infestation). I went out and cut several large
    sprigs of rosemary, and placed them on everyone's bed. This
    obviously won't handle the whole situation, but, it kept the fleas from
    coming back to the beds, and everyone actually had a good sleep for
    a change. I'm experimenting now with trying to make an infusion,
    perhaps with rubbing alcohol as a spray that I can use. I'll keep you
    informed on any successes.


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    Default Fleas

    I posted this the other day and for some reason it did not go
    through. I am posting it again because it is important to me and to
    all pet owners.

    It is wintertime and most of us don't have to worry about fleas.
    However, that is no time to let our guard down. I want to remind
    everyone that Hartz products (especially the spot on treatments) are
    often fatal to cats. I want to urge every one to not only avoid Hartz
    products for this reason but also to sign this petition asking the
    company to not sell this product as their are MANY cases of cat
    deaths related to this product.

    Please take the time (it's only a few seconds) to make a difference!

    This is a website devoted to victims of this product:

    Please moderator, let this be posted as it is very vital to not only

    frugality (a safe flea solution is less expensive than vet bills or a
    feline life) but also because it is important to our animal friends.
    They trust us with their lives. Shouldn't we stop companies from
    poisoning them?

    Tonya Parham

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    Default Fleas

    >>It is wintertime and most of us don't have to worry about fleas.<<

    Hi Tonya,

    Thank you so much for spreading the word. I am well aware that Hartz flea
    products are lethal to both cats and dogs, as a close friend is a Vet Technician
    in a Veterinary Emergency Hospital. She told me companion pets being rushed to
    the emergency room with this poisoning commonplace and just last weekend three
    cats were rushed to the clinic - all were deathly ill as a result of being
    "treated" by Hartz flea products. The staff worked for four hours trying to
    stabilize their temperatures, treat the convulsions however, because they were
    shaking so violently they it was nearly impossible to put a catheter in them.
    The Veterinarian she works for advised the couple to sue the company.

    I have two indoor cats who are not on preventative, however, my indoor dogs
    are on this all year as they must go out at some point. I use either Advantage
    or Frontline and have never had a problem.

    As you said, the cost of a hospital stay and treatment is far less than
    spending a few more dollars on a safe preventative....and your animal pet might

    Thanks for the link to the petition, I have signed it and forwarded the this
    to my family and friends.

    Northern Virginia

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    Default Re: Fleas

    Anyone have any flea controll tips and advice?

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    Ann James

    Default Re: Fleas

    I had fleas when I moved into my house. It took about

    3 months to clear it up. You need to do multible

    treatments every two weeks til its gone. I like using

    the raid flea control products. The spray for the

    carpet works well as long as you repeat within 10 days

    of last treatment. Bombs don't really work if they are

    in the carpet. They have a carpet and room spray. When

    you vaccum make sure you throw out bags. Don't shampoo

    until you see no more fleas. Read up on flea cycles

    growth and you can plan on how to treat your problem.

    I have shampooed the carpet with flea shampoo. Good


    --- cindy <> wrote:

    > Anyone have any flea controll tips and advice?



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    Ann James

    Default Re: Fleas

    Check up on free flea dips by the SPCA.

    --- cindy <> wrote:

    > I'll bet that this comes up as a topic every summer,

    > but I need a flea

    > treatment that does not cost 15.00 per month per

    > pet. Anyone have any

    > ideas? My two cats and one dog are in and outside

    > pets. Also we are

    > expecting Kittens any day now and I am concerned

    > about keeping them

    > from getting infested. We are having a bad bug

    > season this year after

    > a mild winter.

    > Thanks, Cindy



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