Something fairly nasty happened to us today and I wanted to share to prevent it
from happening to anyone else. When we moved into our vintage historic home in
December, we were shown all of the things that would need attention by our
landlord. I never thought to ask about maintenance for the air conditioning
system. I never lived in a hot climate before a few years ago and the only
apartment we lived in had a huge chiller system so no maintenance on our part.
Well out last electric bill was over $200. I was surprised but it's hot here
so ok. Well today the a/c quit. It was 114 degrees. I have a husband with
medical problems who cannot tolerate heat, not to mention 2 ferrets who will
not do well above 80 degrees. I called the land lord in a panic and she called
the home warranty company. The air conditioning tech obviously didn't want to
climb up on a roof in that heat so here's what he suggested: Find the air
handler duct and change the filter. It was awful. Then turn off the a/c for 4
6 hours and let the coil defrost. It had frozen over and wasn't working.
After letting it get to over 96 in the house and having to move the ferrets to
a kind neighbor's house... we are almost back to normal. And it saved us the
$75 deductible. So I learned my lesson.... find out the maintenance needs of
every appliance you own and keep up with them religiously to avoid problems. I
now have a stack of new filters and a chart on the calendar showing the date to
change them... every three weeks.


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