WAC Market Research is hosting a focus group on Cell Phones. This study will be taking place on Tuesday, July 19th in Miami, FL. This is a two part study. The first part is a homework journal on usage and the second part is a 90 minute focus group. The compensation for this study is $25 cash for the homework and $75 cash for the focus group, a total of $100 cash..

You are invited to participate in our pre-qualification questionnaire on Cell Phones.

Your participation in this study is completely voluntary. We are particularly interested in inviting people that own MetroPCS phones.

If your answers qualify for our study, one of our recruiters will be calling you. Please make sure to leave your complete contact information. Please note, you will be asked to bring your cell phone to the study so that we can discuss the features you most use and provide feedback on features you would like to see on future phones.

Thank you very much for your interest. Please start with the questionnaire now by clicking on the link below:


Kind Regards,

WAC Market Research