I've had two thoughts going through my mind to tell you all but I keep not doing
it so here goes.

Did you know that the more full your freezer is the more efficiently it runs?
But you don't have to keep it full of meat. I fill mine with 2 liter bottles
full of filtered water or kool aid or tea. My husband works outside and loves
the ice cold water each day. I have the kool aid ones ready for spontaneous
picnics or other outings. It saves a trip to buy soda cans. Also, you can make
extra ice cubes and keep them in a zip lock for parties or whatever.

My second thought is this. Do you love the dunkin donuts koolata's? I do, but
I can't afford them on a daily basis, even more so now that my kids and husband
like them too. I buy the bacardi's frozen mixers when they are on sale (they
have coupons sometimes too) and mix them in the non alcoholic version with 1
tablespoon of sugar added to tone down the tartness. For about $1 I can give
each of us a good size drink instead of $12. If I'm the only one interested at
the time I put them in yogurt cups and freeze them to make my version of italian


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