Hi Melissa and all,

The article you shared with the list, Melissa, points out another
thing no one has mentioned yet--the killing of your brain cells.

When I first heard about that several years ago (the medical field at
that time didn't want you to know about it because there apparently
had been a relationship between the marketing of these products and
the medical world), I wasn't sure it was anything more than myth
being promoted by the press or conflicting interest parties. But I
decided to put it to the test and gave up the ***two liters of
Nutrasweet-laced soda*** I was drinking *each day* from May through
October during the years we had been living in Arizona. I don't take
heat well, it affects my health; but what I didn't realize was I was
still having my health affected by what I was consuming.

One of my sons' teachers happened to mention the harmful effects of
aspartame to me, and I figured I'd test out her theory that short
term memory was affected. I had nothing to lose. Every summer, I
did seem to go into a kind of burnout and struggled to write. I
tested the theory and switched to club soda (and read the bottle to
be sure it had no Nutrasweet in it). That was the year I ended up
writing--in two weeks--a 12,000-word article for one of the national
newsstand magazines where I was a cover features writer--and not one
word was cut when that article was published.

Summer burnout is a thing of the past for me now. I haven't used
aspartame since.

Thanks again for making people aware, Melissa.

Budget101_ moderator and Ethnic Inexpensively columnist