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    I keep the bags that are inside cereal and other boxes that you get at the
    grocery store. I take those with me when I walk the dog. Use those to pick up
    after her. I also keep the plastic bags that you put produce in at the
    grocery store. I often take one of each when I walk her. I often have to use
    of them.


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    I use the bag from the cereal boxes as I would wax paper for no-bake
    cookies. I empty the bag to make the cookies so then I use it to
    line the cake pan. I tear it open along the seamline to make it lay
    Sorry if I repeated this, I am on vacation and decided to check in
    and I just had to share on this topic.
    Cindy in AL

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    Default Bag usages

    We ALWAYS have several bags in the car along with paper towels. We use them
    for trash, and always have spare. Great in case someone gets sick, soiled
    clothes, etc. They don't take up space, we put them in the door pockets and
    several paper towels along with the maps.




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