List Price: $399.99 Deal Price: $199.99 You Save: $200.00 (50%)Special guest deal presented by our colleagues at "Hi! We're Fire and Water. And we have come for your data. You didn't do anything silly like protect it, did you? Because nothing thrills us more than obliterating your important files. Your beloved MP3 collection? We'll drown it! Family photos? Important financial records? Up in smoke! Ha ha! Sure, we have our differences, but Fire and Water can agree on one thing: we love destroying your data! If more people used high-capacity fireproof and waterproof hard drives like the durable, rugged ioSafe Solo, we'd have to find some other way to have our fun. And that goes double for the ioSafe Data Recovery Service, which can recover and restore data and hardware in the event of a disaster."Expires Jul 4, 2011

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