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    Emily Yelton

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    My aunt is diabetic and found she can't have aspartame. It swelled her joints
    and has caused her no end of hurt, and I refuse to ingest it. Valerie is right,
    it is true, at this time that it has not been linked to any DISEASE. But, it
    has been traced to a HUGE number of side effects and allergic reactions. The
    number of websites against apartame use is much larger than the websites that
    flaunt it's positive side, this alone is a huge warning signal for most people.
    (Especially me, if it were the other way around I may try it someday...)

    If you want to see the list of side effects, this is the one I found that was
    the most comprehensive.

    Emily Y.

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    I'm not saying that aspartame is absolutely safe in any and all amounts,
    just that it has NOT been linked to any diseases yet.


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    Default aspartame

    I have done research on aspartame, this is just an example of the research I
    have saved.
    What Does Aspartame Do In The Body - It Is Another Excitotoxin?

    Aspartate acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain by facilitating the
    transmission of information from neuron to neuron. Aspartic Acid which is 40% of
    Aspartame, is an amino acid. When it is taken in its' free form as in Aspartame,
    ( unbound to proteins ), it significantly raises the blood plasma levels of
    Aspartate. This excess Aspartate leads to a high level of this neuro transmitter
    in certain areas of the brain. Too much Aspartate in the brain kills certain
    neurons by allowing the influx of too much calcium into the cells. This influx
    then triggers excessive amounts of free radicals which literally kills brain
    cells. The neural cell damage that can be caused by excessive asparate or
    glutamate, ( glutamate is also known as MSG, another excitotoxin ). These
    exicotoxins excite or stimulate neural cells to literal death!

    If anyone would like the rest of the article(s), (not sure how many I have),
    please email me privately and I would be happy to send you the information.


    Rosa, I have to tell you that whole thing about diet coke and MS is a myth.
    go to and you will see that this
    is a myth perpetuated by someone unhappy with the making and marketing of

    I'm not saying that aspartame is absolutely safe in any and all amounts,
    just that it has NOT been linked to any diseases yet.


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