But I don't think it's because of anything
they ADD to the food.

I agree! It is what the CONSUMER (the person consuming the food)
adds to it. CHEESE........ MAYO........ DOUBLE MEAT. I learned
the hard way. Double Cheese and Double Meat= DOUBLE DIGIT DRESS
SIZES. No kidding. When I stopped adding cheese and started
requesting MUSTARD instead of Mayo, the pounds started falling
off. Another thing DIET COKE. That stuff can kill you and has
been linked to MS as well as a host of other ailments. It slows
down your metabolism, so you CAN'T lose weight. It's not the
fast food chains fault, it's the choices YOU made. I learned
the hard way. I used to have terrible cravings for breads and
sweets, and I used to satisfy those cravings every chance I got.
Today I am Hypoglycemic because of my poor food choices. There
is no cure as of yet, they can only treat it. Now I have to drink
water, because of overloading my body with all that soda pop all

those years and candy and BREAD. I love bread, so it is VERY hard
for me to to eat some, but when I do it raises my BS (blood sugar)
only to crash two hours later. We are all responsible for what
we put in our mouth.