Yup, Vermont Country Store has them for Cheaper than real goods... So does
http://www.harrietcarter.com. Before you buy if you plan on microwaving make
sure they are microwave safe. Some pottery still isn't microwave safe. I know
the one at Real Goods is micro safe, I don't know about the one at Harriet
Carter or the one at VCS though personally.

If you go to Vermont Country Store, be sure to really look them over, they are
an excellent company and I have ordered from them in the past and they are great
as far as customer service goes.

Emily Y.

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Try www.vermontcountrystore.com. I just got their new catalog and they
are in it, also the "butter bell" that someone wrote about last week. It
holds a stick of butter and is $10.95 as opposed to the $44 price quoted.
Silpat liner is $24.95 for a 12 x 16".

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