I believe there are a couple of main reasons people
flock to fast food places. First, it's EASY. We in
general want things NOW. And for alot of people the
idea of sitting down and planning their meals for the
week seems overwhelming. So much easier to "just pick
something up". Secondly, FAT tastes GOOD. We can't
escape that little fact. And if you compare the
prices of "regular" foods to the "fat-free" versions
in the grocery store, you usually have to pay more
for the fat-free/healthier items. Not everything but
especially the quick to fix items, like the fat-free
hot dogs and such. I just look at it like this, I'll
either pay a little more for the fat-free items now
or spend in in health care and prescriptions in a few
years when all that unhealthy foods results show up.
And with so much information available in this day and
age, no one has the excuse of ignorance to what effect
fatty foods and bad eating habits will bring. I don't
believe the fast food restaurants are liable for
people making poor choices. No one forces you into
McDonalds, you go there of your own free will. We
must be careful what we try to legislate, because we
will soon be forcing alot of businesses to close out
of fair of stupid lawsuits, or leaving our choices to

the government to tell us the "right" food to eat.
People just have to take responsibility for their
choices and lifestyles. Don't push it off on others
and always look for someone/something to blame when
things don't turn out just "peachy".
Stepping off my "personal responsibility" soap box