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    Default Getting Along WITHOUT a Lawn Mower

    We actually used to have one of those mowers! LOL. Kids these
    days would laugh you silly if you told them to cut the lawn and
    rolled that Baby out for them to use. Sadly, we gave it away
    YEARS ago. When I was a kid our neighbors had one. We will
    just have to do without as we don't have the money for another
    even used one. We need a riding one as we have a huge yard.
    Hubby and I both have back problems, and he has had four back
    surgeries with no success. We used to have some of those
    lawn scissors, but we gave those away too years ago to another
    Needy family. IF we have any money left over next month, we
    may ask a neighbor if they would be interested in mowing at

    least the front ditches.


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    Rain Company

    Default Getting Along WITHOUT a Lawn Mower

    Call the Boy Scouts and tell them your problem, bet they would be out in a
    minute, that would help to earn a badge!!! The Salvation Army would help
    out, any of the local clubs that help the community would mow your yard for
    nothing!!! Get your phone book out and start looking!

    Julie S



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