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Genre: Games
Release Date: May 09, 2011
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User Reviews:
&#34;I love this game&#34; - Joeri Jans 5/5
&#34;This is a game that will get you addicted fast as hell. Loved it!&#34; - GeirTangen 5/5
&#34;Great casual game to test your reflexes.&#34; - Michael Vallez 5/5
&#34;Great and addictive app!!! Recommended!&#34; - ToniBatinni 5/5

Press Quotes:
&#34;...a fun game requiring sharp reflexes&#34; - CrazyMikesApps 4.5/5

Navigate the capsule trough the dangerous minefield with a simple but addicting gameplay, touch the screen to move up, and release it to move down.

Your goal is to reach the next level and get the highest score, but be careful as every level will get harder with an increasing amount of mines.


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