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    Default Financial Peace

    I just bought that autographed copy (used of course)
    and I an reading it now. I agree with some things, others I do not.
    (Like getting that extra $1000 in the bank in the first month). We
    DO NOT have an extra $1000 a month. IF we did, I wouldn't be
    searching used book stores or signing up for online Budget/Frugal
    Groups. I do agree with the getting mad and attacking the credit
    card debt, pay off the lowest balance first then add that to the
    next debt when the first debt is paid off, etc. (snowball effect).
    I thought about starting one of those groups myself but the book I
    want to read and discuss hasn't got here yet. I ordered it last week.
    Anyone wanting to get a VERY reasonably priced copy of Dave's book
    can do so by visiting I think that is right.

    I bought a similar book from them a few years ago, I think it was
    Living on Borrowed Time. I do not remember the author. Sorry


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    Default Financial Peace

    Looks like I goofed. I just went to bookcloseouts and they DO NOT
    have the book, so I went to Barnes and Nobles. They have it, but
    it is thru Alibris. Albris DOES NOT accept Money Orders OR
    Personal Checks. It's Credit Card or Debit Card all the way!
    Not good for someone such as myself who has turned over all
    credit cards to debt negotations and has vowed not to charge any
    more till ALL debts are paid off.


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    Default Financial Peace

    Oh I do plan to get that $1,000 on there, but it's gonna take me a
    YEAR! Hubby is disabled and I am unemployed. We don't have anyone
    to borrow from, so we are on our own. Our home is paid for, but
    utilities are high where we live. $180 average for a small 2 bedroom
    singlewide mobile home. Also groceries are high as well. I want to
    make my own mixes and stuff, as I think that will save a little bit,
    and every little bit helps. Right now we are w/o a lawn mower, so
    the grass will be waist high before summers end. Hiring someone is
    OUT of the question, as I just ordered a bunch of bulbs for hubby
    for Father's day and he has them planted all over the yard and he
    is REAL particular about HIS lawn. I ordered them from Arbor Day
    Foundation.... 35 bulbs for $10. not a bad deal I thought, and if
    they don't come up, they replace them. Any frugal ideas for the yard
    would be appreciated. Hubby LOVES flowers and is always looking at
    them when we go to LOWE's and WAL-MART. I came across a used plan
    shop once, but they are like 30 miles one way for us. He got a free
    packet of wildflower seeds in the mail and planted them out front.
    We are hoping passersby will notice the pretty blooms and not the
    fact that the grass hasn't been cut in over a month! LOL Rosa

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    Default Financial Peace

    I started the Dave Ramsey system a couple of months ago...although I
    had a similar system before I even knew about Financial Peace. I
    have what is known as a Zero Based Budget which I do at the beginning
    of every month. First list ALL expenses, housing, utilities, autos,
    medications, food etc. Don't forget to give yourself a "little blow
    money". It can be $20 a month so you do not feel completely
    deprived. If I have a bill lower than what is in the budget for
    example my phone bill was $29.96 and I had a budget of $45, I put
    that extra money on one of the bills I want to pay off...I just don't
    say Hey I have a couple more bucks to spend this month!.

    I concentrated on my smallest bill a Visa for around $800. I
    expected it to take me 8 months to pay off but with the little saved
    from here and there and the sale of a couple of items I actually paid
    it off in just 3 months. The system works but you have to be honest
    with yourself and do it until you are finally free of debt. My next
    job is to tackle a $7500 credit card...card is gone and all extra
    money saved and earned goes toward this one card. Kim in MI



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