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    Default Thank you (dog help)

    Thanks for all the great advice. I have an alo plant and that is
    what I am using. He took her to the vet yesterday for her shots,
    but he did not ask her about the problem, but it is so bad I don't
    know how she could not have seen it. This started after her heat.
    She looks like she has had pups (bottom nipples swollen) and the vet
    asked if she just had pups. My son told her no and that ended
    that. He did change her food, so will look into that. Also will
    make a trip to Wal Mart today. He probably did not rinse her well

    either and the shampoo may have been too old. Thank you all-- this
    is such a great group. God Bless

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    Default Re: Thank you (dog help)

    My dog used to scratch and lick herself raw too. Turns out she was
    allergic to our Grass (not a good thing for a dog to be allergic
    too!). The vet told us to give her the dye free Benedryl. That seemed
    to help. We moved a couple of years ago and our yard is a different
    kind of grass and she hasn't had a problem since. I was told that
    dogs are primarila allergic to 3 things dust mites in the house,
    grass and ??? (something else, I can't remember) ;0}




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